• Power Supply ( V, Hz): 1 Phase, 230 V AC
  • Input Capacity: 2 KVA
  • Screen: 10 “ , Colorful Interface
  • Cutting Width (mm): 1500, 2000
  • Cutting Length (mm): 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000
  • Cutting Model: Plasma Recommended (Flame to be Optional)
  • CNC Controller: GMAK CNC
  • Plasma: Powermax45, 65, 85,105 Amperes
  • Cutting Speed (mm/min): Cutting Speed (mm/min)
  • Accuracy (mm): Positioning : 0.5/1000, Repeatability : 0.2/1000
  • Automatic Torch Height control of Plasma Torch: HYD THC: Dual Drive in y-Axis
  • Servo motor: 400 WATTS Panasonic AC SERVO MOTOR

Easy Cut

    1. G-MAK Machines working well across South India
    2. Very good quality and affordable after-sales service.
    3. Highly qualified service engineers.
    4. Top brand of components used in the manufacturing of machines.
    5. plenty of spares & consumables are available
    6. Since hands-on experience in cutting fields for more than 20 years, We can share our experience & technology to customers to ensure the optimum working of machines and also cost reduction in operating costs.
    7. Advanced solutions provided such as Bevel cutting, fume extraction systems, special purpose cutting machines
    8. Easy To use & Easy to operate (User Friendly)
    9. Easy maintenance
    10. Very Less setup time –within 2 hours
    11. Foundation not required
    12. Suitable for small scale industries & New Entrepreneur
    13. Heavy-duty Steel structure table body using heavy thickness tubes & more cross support to ensure durability and precision during continuous production.
    14. The weight of the structure is almost double the weight of the Competitor’s Machines
    15. No separate cutting table required
    16. Water bed cutting table reduces less running costs & complexity. No Fume extraction system is required. Drain valves are provided for periodic cleaning
    17. Very less space required for machine setup
    18. Very Attractive colours available
    19. Powder Coated Machine covers ensure long life
    20. X & Y-axis, Helical Rack & pinion gear system
    21. Automatic torch height controller on Plasma
    22. High-speed cutting range for cutting 0.5mm thick plates and high precision
    23. Strong body to hold water bed table
    24. High-Quality IGUS Cable Drag chain used on X and on Y to protect cables
    25. Lenear Rails & Blocks used
    26. High cutting speed & Accuracy
    27. Cutting SS, MS and Aluminium, GI & Brass materials
    28. Presized Rack using C45 material module1.25 helical Rack & Pinion
    29. Planetary Gear box SHIMPOO, JAPAN standard.-less backless & more accuracy
    30. Torch up/down geared motor is DC 24V GPG brand
    31. Torch lifter: 100MM stroke – G-MAK using ball screw ROD & linear bushes
    32. Nesting Software: Most 2D. This nesting software is developed in India. We can customize the codes per our requirement
    33. Electric Components ABB/Schneider/Siemens used available locally
    34. CABLES –LAPP brand used . High quality cables for long life
    35. As per Make in India concept, Major parts of the Machine manufactured in House
    36. All spares & Genuine Consumables are plenty of stock available
    37. Local Service support, will reach you within 24hours of service call
    38. We have designed all parts which ensure maintenance free operation like European machines
    39. Automatic height control of Plasma & Flame torch available for easy cutting operation.
    40. Machine maintains distance between torch & plate automatically.
    41. So operator Intervention is not required while cutting waviness plates & less thick plates.
    42. We can achieve less taper & quality finish cutting Heavy duty machine STRUCTURE designed by G-MAK using SOLIDWORKS & ensure less thermal distortion & long life
    43. We are providing more than 1000 of Grill, Gate, windows & elevation designs dxf files at free of cost
    44. With our High precision Machine & Hi tech cutting method, we can cut sharp Grill, Gate, & window designs like laser cut quality
    45. Latest Hi technology Drives & Motors used for axes movement
    46. Electric control panels & CNC Panels made by G-MAK
    47. Very good appearance looks like laser machine
    48. Very less Capital Investment. Payback period is minimum. Machine cost is 1/4th investment of Laser Machine investment
    49. X-Axis is Aluminium carriage- less weight, less wear & tear and more Life
    50. Easy Cut is most suitable for Interior & Exterior Design field
    51. Easy to shift the machine anywhere for onsite work